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For most business owners it almost seems like a right of passage to work 100 work weeks – sacrificing the now for the promise of something better in the future. Often, in the moment, you even get a sense of satisfaction feeling like “this is what it takes to be successful”… but I know, deep down you question if there’s a better way.

Surely the Richard Bransons of the world don’t work like this?
What’s the difference between the way he’s working and the way you are?
Are you missing something?

If you’re putting out fires left and right – getting caught up in busy work, maybe you should just STOP… for a moment. Give yourself a chance to BREATHE…

And in this moment, float up and out of your body looking down on your life seeing it all laid out on a table. Seeing that life is made up of a collection of independent systems. Systems that work separately AND together – the output of which adds up to where you are today.

When you think about it, it kind of makes sense, all these systems running, and their output from years past, making you who you are today.

The system you follow to decide what you eat and how you exercise. The system you follow with how and when you catch up with friends and family. The systems that run your business – from answering emails to keeping your books.

If this were true, it begs the question “Are your systems working optimally?” and are you even conscious these systems are at work?

If they’re not quite right, maybe that’s why you haven’t been hitting your goals?

Now, I’ve always been a systems guy at heart, from my early days working with stock market trading systems. To design systems just made sense because they remove the emotion typically involved in trading. By having a clear set of rules, you know what you should be doing at any point in time – buy, hold, or sell.

Systems lead you towards consistent results.

So why should all areas of your life be any different?

I recently came across a business owner/author who just “got it” and with this thinking he took his chaotic personal and business life and turned it on it’s head. He “worked the system” to put himself in an enviable position for most entrepreneurs.

He followed a system to work less and make more – who wouldn’t want that?

But he didn’t stop there… he went on to document his story so that entrepreneurs like you and I could put these principles into action.

Sam Carpenter - Mr. Work The System.

I’m referring to the author Sam Carpter and his book “Work The System“. In this book Sam shares how he went from working 80-100 hours a week for 15 years, with an income just barely enough to support his two kids and himself – to now working two hours a week with a personal income that is more than twenty times what it was.

His business, Centratel, a telephone answering service with approximately 2,000 competitors nationwide is now, by several tangible statistical measurements, #1 in the industry, and shows a net profit of over 40%.

Like you, I wanted to know his secret… I wanted to dig a little deeper to find out more. I wanted to know if he was the real deal.

Interested to know what I found? Well I recorded the interview for you and you can click here to download the mp3. Or if you’d prefer the YouTube video…

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