Domain and website flipping is back… and back in a big way. If you’ve been online for a few years now you’ll remember the old days of using Digital Point, or even worse, E-Bay to purchase websites or domains. Unfortunately these unregulated markets provided no protection for the buyer or seller. Well times have changed with leading the pack in providing a safe haven to buy/sell websites.

The boom is here and David Jenyns and I (Ryan T Malone) are really taking advantage of this boom. Currently, I am acting as a broker for David on by listing all of his best domains. I’m  creating video tours, finalizing sales, and communicating with potential buyers.

Sidenote: As I said, I’m Ryan T Malone, an SEO Geek and general all ‘rounder from Melbourne, Australia. I’ve been working with Dave throughout 2010 on various tasks, not just limited to website flipping.

To continue… Before I took on this role, I was aware that there was a boom, however, to literally see some of the most narrow niche sites sell for upwards of $1495, it is very clear to me right now that there are a lot of people out there who want their own piece of real estate on the internet, and they are willing to pay top dollar for it.

Recently, our involvement on Flippa has caught the eye of one of the main guys behind Flippa, Luke Moulton, resulting in an article based around the first site David sold on Flippa (read it here see here). In true style, David managed to get hold of Luke, and the result was a very cool interview (scroll down to watch the three part interview!).

Once you have finished watching the interview, I am sure you will agree with me when I say that website and domain flipping is back. It is back in a very big way.

Website flipping part #1

Website flipping part #2

Website flipping part #3

Did you enjoy the interview? Be sure to post your comments below… and if you’d like to see our auctions on Flippa – click here (Log In Required!). I really recommend you check it out since two of our most recent auctions have been in position #1 and #2 for being the most active on Flippa – we’re doing something right 🙂

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