Have you ever just taken a moment to, stop, and wonder about the future of the internet? Where is it going? What will happen in 2012?

  • Will Google stay #1 when it comes to search?
  • Can Google + gather enough data to get them back in the social game?
  • Will Facebook release their own rival search engine or mobile phone?
  • Or will Apple’s Siri will spell ‘the end’ of search as we know it?

Which ever way you look at it the web as we know it is definately changing. With SEO in particular, we have seen more changes in the last 12 months that we have seen in the last 5 years.

I remember a time when Myspace was top dog and people would search using AltaVista or Lycos but those days are now behind us… Google knows this more than most, the web is changing and the only companies to survive will be those who evolve.

So what is the future of the internet in 2012?

Dave predicts the future.

Recently, I was asked to present a full day workshop on the topic for a large corporate here in Australia.

Unfortunately, I’m unable to release the recording from this workshop since it was highly tailored to the client and we discussed some pretty sensitive information.

That said, I do have something for you.

I have put together some snippets from my “future of the internet” presentation… It’s free and my holiday gift to you – you can click here to download it.

Take a listen and let me know what you think – post your commments below and be sure to share your predictions for 2012. Do you think I’m on point or just a little crazy? I want to know.

Hope you’re having a happy holiday season and I’ll catch you in 2012 and we’ll see which of my predictions come true.

Your SEO Coach,

David Jenyns

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