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Learn more about how we started on Flippa below.

Selling And Buying Websites The Easy Way

It’s no secret that selling and buying websites is a growing market in the online arena and as you may or may not be aware, myself and David Jenyns have been working on selling his back catalogue of sites. It was David’s New Years resolution to clear these websites out so we could exclusively focus on Melbourne SEO Services.

As David’s website broker for this “side mission”, it is my job to individually sort through these 500 or so websites, assess their value/potential then decide which ones pose real opportunities for bidders on Flippa. I then manage the listings, videos, and ongoing inquiries through Flippa. I even install these websites on the buyer’s hosting account for a small charge, but I digress…

So What Makes These Domains Valuable?

The value of selling and buying websites is very much influenced by the site’s age. The majority of these websites are four years old, which as we all know, is gold in Google’s eyes. The Google algorithm tends to rate older domains much higher in the search engines – this is further compounded by the fact that they’re all keyword rich domains.

In most cases, the websites themselves are created from Public Domain material which is included as part of the sale of the sites. Plus, because David is such a nice guy, he is also throwing in a few bonus Public Domain e-books and a nice little research package. Oh, and how could I forget, a free copy of The SEO Method as well!

And if you’ve been following Dave’s stuff for a while, do you remember the original sales copy for The SEO Method and how it claims to work on any niche website? This list of websites is the proof in the pudding. Dave’s personally proven it works on a range of websites from Candy Recipes to Ballet Dancing to Woodworking Projects…

The great thing is they all rank for good keywords, bringing in a minimum of a few hundred visitors each month. Some even receive as high as a few thousand visitors from free organic traffic. With the same principals applied to these websites as is taught in The SEO Method, they all rank highly based on the level of SEO applied to them and have continued to rank well over the last four years.

So, what do you do from here?

Check out David’s Flippa account – click here (login required!). It contains a list of the websites he is currently selling (or just look at the top of this post).

And remember, it is rare for a proven master of SEO and online business to make his most intimate work available for others to purchase, and believe me when I say it, this is a very big opportunity. Selling and buying websites has never been so easy.

I hope to see you bidding on one of our auctions soon.

Best Regards,

Ryan “Dave’s Secret Weapon” Malone