The award for the “most difficult to organise interview” goes to… Rich Schefren ( Over the course of 4 to 5 weeks we had to reschedule this call on numerous occasions and it was just as much my fault as it was Rich’s. Many would have given up, but they would have given up before they reached the prize. Being as stubborn as I am though, I didn’t let go and here’s why…

Rich is the founder and president of Strategic Profits, and the “coach to the internet guru’s.” He started his career as an accountant with Arthur Anderson’s strategic planning division. After receiving several awards, he jumped ship to help his family’s struggling clothing business. He quickly turned it into the hottest eclectic clothing boutique in Soho (New York). Thus an entrepreneur was born.

Next Rich created an hypnosis centre which started with a $7,500 investment and was generating over $7 million in four years. And it was around this same time he entered into the arena of internet marketing. Using the skills he had developed as an entrepreneur; as someone trained in therapy; and with the valuable experience from Arthur Anderson, Shefren was able to rapidly help Internet marketers become better organized, more profitable, and have more leisure time.

As you could imagine I was pretty excited for this interview. We talked for around one hour and 30 minutes, covering everything from how to build teams to the biggest insights Rich has gained over the years. His wisdom was nothing short of game changing.

Like always I recorded the call for you. So, if you’re keen to build a business… a business that works without you – click here to download the MP3. And remember to let me know what you think.

Your SEO coach,
David Jenyns

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