As I’ve mentioned before, one of the things I really love about trading is that, unlike any other business, you can fully test your ‘business model’ (trading plan) without risking any real money. In trading, this assessment process is called back testing. Back testing is the area now most neglected by traders – if you want to find out more on back testing click here.

That said, for those of you who own MetaStock, TradeSim is your best bet for back testing. In short, TradeSim is the first true realistic trading simulator/analyzer for Metastock that can quickly back -test and evaluate a trading system across a portfolio of securities. With its powerful data processing capabilities, TradeSim can evaluate the historic performance of a given trading system within a matter of minutes and do it with a realistic representation of a real life trading scenario.

Sadly, for some, TradeSim can seem a little daunting at first… knowing how important it is to get your head around, I thought I’d make a few video tutorials to show you how easy it can be. Watch them below….

Video #1. How To Install TradeSim

Video #2. Going through the TradeSim quick start tutorial – Part 1.

Video #3. Going through the TradeSim quick start tutorial – Part 2.

What’d you think? Did you like these videos? Please comment below and let me know… it’s only through your feedback that I know if I’m creating the content you want to see.

Your Trading Coach,

David Jenyns

Ps. If you’d like to grab a copy of tradesim click here.