David Jenyns & James Jackson Talk Outsourcing

Dave & James Jackson Talk Outsourcing

Have you started outsourcing yet? If not, what’s been stopping you? You probably already intuitively know you can’t do everything yourself – god knows I’ve tried. It wasn’t until I started outsourcing the “right way” that I finally started to see my business grow at warp speed.

What speed is your business growing at?

I think I illustrated this pretty well at Ed Dale’s recent Challenge event where I showed attendees that they are the bottle neck in their business. For most people, they already know more than enough to be hugely successful – maybe you’re the same?

The issue isn’t that you don’t know enough but rather you’re simply not implementing enough of what you do know. And sadly, learning another new technique or tactic from the latest “guru” course isn’t going to help. You need to implement more!

Question: So what’s the secret to implementing more?

Answer: Build a team to help you.

Knowing how important outsourcing is, Pete Williams and I recently ran a workshop to document the whole process we use. Now I know I’m a little biased but I truly believe this was the best course on outsourcing to date.

For starters I think the calibre of internet marketers we had in the room was testament to the level of content provided. We had the Market Samuari boys, Mike Rohdes, Steve Ovens, PPC Mom, Timbo and Luke from the Small Business Big Marketing podcast – and plenty more… but I digress.

I wanted to introduce you to one of the rising stars I personally invited to the workshop. His name is James Jackson (www.outoftheboxsolutions.com.au), and although you might not have heard his name yet, I’m confident in time you will.

When I met James he kind of reminded me of a younger version of me – very astute, great energy, enthusiasm and work ethic. Most importantly he’s got amazing speed of implementation.

Now after attending our workshop, knowing James would have taken massive action, I wanted to check in and see how he’s going. He didn’t disappoint and I recorded a short interview with him that I now wanted to share with you.

It’s always refreshing and insightful to hear how others are building their team… I was especially impressed by James’ plans to go visit his outsourcing team in the Phillipines… now that’s how you create a great culture!

Outsourcing To The Philippines With James Jackson Listen to the recent interview with James Jackson above or click here to download the interview and then post your feedback below.

Your SEO Coach,

Dave Jenyns

Ps. Here’s a short video about the recordings from our workshop – the Outsource Profit Machine DVDs. Although though they’re not quite ready to release to the general public, I’d be keen to know if you’d like to grab a preview copy?