Here’s another one from the “Dave was about to go on a one month holiday” black hole… I actually recorded a few clips from my adventures at the Online Retailer Expo in Sydney (6-9 July 2010) but didn’t get a chance to post them… until now.

First things first though, I really enjoyed the expo especially since it’s always good to get out into the “real world” of online marketing to see what everyone else’s up to. It’s pretty easy to think you’re on the “cutting edge” and forget the world outside internet marketing… the fact is, the big boys are waking up to online marketing and they’ve got the budget to really do some damage.

So, to keep you on the edge 🙂 here’s a couple of clips I thought might help.

#1. Brendon Forster from Google talks about how Google is changing in response to mobile marketing.

#2. Tom Funk from talks about using Google rich snippets.

Hope you enjoyed those videos and my short Online Retailer Expo review. If you want to see a whole bunch more be sure to check out my youtube channel. Oh, and please join the conversation by either posting your comments below or retweeting it out to your friends.

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David Jenyns

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