In the past I have very hesitant to tell clients about my trading method and here’s why…

#1. I advocate developing your own system.
#2. My system isn’t suitable for everyone.

With that said, I have, in the past, hinted at the fact that I trade a variation of the Darvas box method. In short, Darvas’ trading method suits my lifestyle and provides me with the returns I’m looking for.

Since I’m currently trading this system with real money, I’m keen to get your feedback/comments. Watch the short video below to learn a little more about the Darvas & his trading methods.

Post your comments below.

Your business/trading philosopher,
David Jenyns

Ps. The video above was taken, with permission, from Jim Cox’s Nicolas Darvas Home Study Course. It’s currently not available to the general public but, since I help Jim get his course online, I have a special link should you wish to gain access. Click Here.

PPs. My Thailand trip went well and you can see the photos on my facebook page.