Have you been watching this?

The market has been going nuts over the past few weeks and it’s really sorting the men from the boys. I’m hearing from the front lines that many traders have lost almost their entire trading float!

How are you going? Did you get burnt?

I just recorded an emergency webinar with Justine Pollard to recap what’s been happening and more importantly how to survive and thrive in these difficult times.

Here’s a few of the things we chatted about:

– What’s causing the world markets to tank?
– The 4 stages of the market and where are we?
– How to adjust your trading style to adapt to the new conditions?
– What are the most effective ways to reduce risk?
– Real, up-to-date trading examples

And that’s just a few of the things we covered. Anyway, I’ve uploaded the recording for you here: www.onlinetradingmastermind.com

Go ahead and check it out… if you want to learn to trade or are already trading this is critical, timely advice. Watch it now.

Your Trading Coach,
David Jenyns

Ps. It’s been well over 12 months since I last did a webinar with Justine and this is perhaps one of the most important we’ve done: www.onlinetradingmastermind.com