Update: James has also recently released his first book – click here to find out more.


A school buddy of mine (quite high up the Mercedes Benz corporate ladder) first told me about this guy using SEO to sell cars in one of their prestigious Sydney based dealerships. Despite being on a pretty good wicket, this guy decided to throw it all in to become a full time Internet Marketer… pretty cool huh?

Well he went on to build an empire, in what feels like, record time. Looking back now, moving into the world of internet marketing, was probably the smartest thing he ever did.

So who is this guy?

His name is James Schramko and now it seems like he’s everywhere (nothing like turning on your RAS)… another one of my school buddies is going to his seminar, he’s hanging out with friend Pete Williams, he chats with the PLRpro boys and he’s springing up on affiliate leader boards everywhere (just saw him in the top 5 for John Carlton’s launch)… suffice to say he’s killing it online.

Anyway, I decided to track the man down to find out what he’s doing. As it happens I was no stranger to James, he had seen my work before, and was only too happy to offer his time. Listen in as I interview James Schramko. As always, it’s free to download, no optin required.

Click here to download it now.


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