I’ve been meaning to share this story with you for a while – the one where I sold the Melbourne Cricket Ground seating (MCG) for $24.95. I’m pretty proud of it and it was first big success story as an entrepreneur… Click play below to watch the complete story:

Notice there’s a silver lining on every cloud… Not only are Pete and I are still good friends but the lessons shaped me into the entrepreneur I am today.

Perhaps my biggest lesson being, take action now because if you don’t someone else will beat you to the punch.

What have been your biggest entrepreneurial success and/or what have been some of the events that have shaped you? I’d love to hear your story – share your comment below.

Your Coach,

David Jenyns
The Complete Entrepreneur

Ps. Want to grab some Melbourne Cricket Gound seating? I’m still selling it and you can grab some MCG here.

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Click the image above to read part #1 of Dave's MCG story.

Dave & Pete @ Fox FM radio station.