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Today, more than ever, it’s becoming harder for people to build an online business. There’s just so much noise, and with the rules of the game constantly changing, sometimes it’s hard to know who to avoid and who to listen to – there’s just so much crap out there!

You, like me, have probably been burned buying programs that promise the world and fail to deliver… god knows I’ve had my fair share.

Looking back now, with the benefit of hindsight, you know what I think the secret to success is? Sadly, it’s not a push button money machine. It’s having a good plan, keeping focused and sticking to it!

I know, I know… it doesn’t sound as sexy as having a “money magnet machine that makes you millions of dollars while you sleep”… but you do you really believe those exist?

It’s time to quite living in a fantasy land and get real.

It’s a constant battle, but trust me, if you can keep focused on the right things, you will win!

Now here’s the proof…

I’d like to share with you a recent interview I recently did with one of the most consistent, focused internet marketers I know. Ken Evoy (the guy behind SiteSell and Site Build It) has been one of my biggest influences (he was the first one to show me how to build a an online business) and recently I had the honour of interviewing him – for the second time.

We started off talking about how his company recently had their Facebook account banned and what they did to win it back. This flowed into some of the draw backs of building a business on someone else’s platform…

But then the interview went in a new direction, we talked about:

– The future of the web and social factors
– Will traditional SEO, as we know it, will change?
– Is it enough to just build good content?
– What is the low hanging fruit online?
– Where do most beginners waste time and go wrong?
– What are some of the counter intuitive lessons Ken has learned?

As I have come to expect with Ken, he shared some valuable wisdom on how to build an online business. It was a fascinating interview and one that’s definitely worth listening to twice (I know I’m biased but I thought it was a great interview).

There’s no optin, no hoops to jump through, no price to be paid… just a solid interview.

Here’s the link:
Download the Ken Evoy Interview Now.

Please take a listen, follow the advice and start to win online.

Your Online Business Coach,

David Jenyns

Ps. Do you want to hear my original interview with Ken Evoy – click here – and remember to follow me on twitter.

PPs. Want to find out more about Site Build It and discover why (if you’re new to the internet and not too sure where to start) it’s the only program I recommend? click here.

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