Just wanted to update you on my personal YouTube saga. I’m not 100% sure how we did it but we won! We got through to the 600 pound guerilla. Watch the video below for the full details – posted on YouTube no less 😉

Your SEO Coach,
Dave Jenyns

Ps.  To the hundreds of people who rushed to my support – I can’t thank you enough! It really was very touching to see all the amazing comments posted on the blog. Good to know if we stick together our voices will be heard. A special thanks goes out to Gideon Shalwick, Darren Rowse, Mike Rhodes, Marc Lindsay and last but definitely not least Caz 🙂

PPs. I realise I was a little too excited when I emailed everyone about the good news and I made a mistake in the subject line. Mental note: It’s always a good idea to write an email, let it sit for a bit and then review it once more before emailing.

… but I was just too damn excited 😉