A few weeks back I attended Ed Dale’s Home Coming 2 seminar in Melbourne and the hot topic was definitely buying and selling dynamite domains.

On the back of selling one of my domains for $2000 recently on flippa.com, I whole heartedly agree. Buying and selling domains is back and back in a big way!

Anyway, while at Ed’s seminar I thought I’d go right to the source… Kenny Goodman, the domain name guru himself. Having known Kenny for years I thought I’d cut right to the chase and find out how he does it. Like usual, I was thinking of you and recorded the interview in his hotel room a few days before his big presentation.

In part one we talk about how to drive traffic to your websites using expired domain names. Then, in part two, we go into a few little knowns of the industry including how to value websites and where to spot an opportunity.

Part 1: Buying and Selling Domains

Part 2: Buying and Selling Domain Names

What did you think? Can you see a way to incorporate buying and selling domains into your business? If you’d like to find out more you can follow Kenny Goodman on Twitter and then subscribe to Kenny’s Blog.

Your SEO coach,

David Jenyns

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