Stuart McPhee has been working extremely hard over the past few months on a top secret project. Now it’s time to reveal all…

Stuart’s book “Trading In A Nutshell” has just been released in its 3rd edition.

When you consider most books never even make it to print, let alone make it to the third edition, you’ve gotta figure he’s doing something right.

I’m very impressed with what Stuart’s put together and think it’s a worthy addition to any trader’s library.

Which leads me to an important point… You need to start building your own wealth library! All the most successful people I’ve been fortunate to meet have had their own library. Have you?

I’ve been building my library over the past 5 years… a book here, a book there, and before I knew it I’ve got over 128 highly recommended and all hand picked books. I’ve even managed to track down some extremely rare editions too. Here’s what my library looks like at the moment.

I suggest you add Stuart’s book to your current library or make it the first book in your new library… I’ve even got Stuart to agree to not only reserve you a copy but he’s going to sign it too (limited to the first 200 copies).

If you want to grab your signed copy visit:

Whatever you do, you need to start building your wealth library today! That’s it for now… NOW GET BACK TO WORK!

Your business/trading philosopher,
David Jenyns

Ps. When Stuart and I recorded the video for I snapped the shot below. It’s behind the scenes at my new secret headquarters in Carlton North, Victoria, Australia.