I’m very proud of this one, my team here at Melbourne SEO Services had a go at creating a fun viral video. It’s pretty funny, watch it below:

What’d you think?

We’ve got a plan as to how we’re going to promote it but I still think I need your help. If you can give it 5 stars on youtube.com, twitter it, dig it, facebook it, or any other social media promotions… I’ll be forever grateful and I always remember those who help me. Hell, if you’ve got a blog and make a posting about it, or anything a little more substantial, I’ll even paypal you some $ to say thanks.

If you’re not in a position to help, that’s cool too… keep an eye on this blog and I’ll make a video about how it all went and how we promoted the hell out of it.

Your SEO coach,

David Jenyns

Ps. Help us make this the best viral marketing video ever πŸ™‚

PPs. Here’s a snippet of the $360 press release we’re posting on PRweb.com tomorrow morning…

Google Vs Yellow Pages New Survey Data

New survey data released shows 53.85% of people never use Yellow Pages while a staggering 100% of people quoted use Google everyday to find products and services they are looking for.

Melbourne, Victoria, (PRWEB) 6th April – 2009 – A lot of fuss has been made over the Yellow Page and whether or not print is still viable. Obviously the Yellow Pages will do everything in their power to demonstrate their effectiveness, while online-players will have you believe the opposite. So who’s right?

In a recent survey conducted by Melbourne SEO Services, a cross section of people from the streets of Melbourne were asked a series of questions to help answer the question. Questions asked included “How do you search for products and services you need?”, “What search engine do you use most?”, and “How often do you use Google?”

The results were clear, with 53.85%, of respondents saying they haven’t used the yellow pages in the last year, while 100% of respondents said they use google every day. One respondent even commented “I reckon the yellow pages is obsolete: why would you spend money on the yellow pages when they’ll just as easily find you on Google?”

… to read the full story visit our SEO blog over @ Melbourne SEO Services