I can almost guarantee you haven’t heard the name “Darren Warmuth” before, yet his article distribution service is one of the most widely used within the internet marketing community. He’s half of the brains behind Unique Article Wizard (UAW) and alongside Portal Blog Feeder and Article Marketing Automation, it’s in the top 3 blog network services (in my humble opinion).

In short, UAW submits a different unique article to every directory, ezine publisher, announcement group, and niche website. No other service does this.

With that in mind, I decided to track down the brains behind this great service. Not only did I investigate the lowdown on how to best use Unique Article Wizard but I also asked Darren the exact process he goes through to launch a website from acorn to oak.

You know the deal… No optins, no emails… just 100% pure content, 100% free.

Click here to download the interview.

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David Jenyns

Ps. I’ve also arranged for you to get a free copy of Darren’s newest report “Sticky Organic Marketing” – click here to download. It’s a great Unique Aritcle Wizard Review if you’re serious about article submission services.

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