Before reading this post, please put your preconceptions about Hugh Hefner and the “Playboy” brand aside. I understand there is a certain stigma attached to this brand and I don’t want it to get in the way of the lesson to be learned.

Last year I was invited to a charity event at the Playboy mansion and, as I expected, the stories about the mansion were blown out of proportion.

I saw it as a good opportunity to do some dream building and open my mind to new possibilities. Personally, I don’t support how Hugh made his fortune but I do admire the way he has lived life on his terms. Here’s a man who literally created the life he wanted to live.

As I pulled up out front of his lavish mansion in the Hollywood hills I began to imagine what it would take to achieve this kind of success? Was it just good luck? I continued to ponder this thought as a playboy bunny gave us a guided tour.

The mansion was unbelievable with a theater, swimming pools, games rooms and more. Heck, Hugh even has so many animals he’s required to hold a zoo license.

I was fascinated and as the story began to unfold it became apparent Hugh is just a regular guy like you and I. He has no magic powers, no super human abilities, no super intelligence. Despite my best efforts I didn’t find any ‘secret’ to Hugh’s success.

What I did find was a renewed inspiration to achieve my own personal goals and I realised both you and I under estimate what we can achieve. Remember to dream big and then take big action, you might surprise yourself with what you can achieve.

Your business/trading philosopher,

David Jenyns

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David Jenyns David Jenyns
David Jenyns David Jenyns