Have you ever noticed many professional traders (including myself) don’t publish their results/trades?

Typically this is for one of two reasons.

Either they’re not really trading (they just make their money by selling courses) or they’re not licensed to publish their results. The fact is, I have to be super careful about making income claims since ASIC (Australian Securities Investment Commission) would squash me like a pugs’ nose (see right).

I know it can be frustrating when you’re starting out because one of the easiest ways to learn is to model successful traders. The good news is, after a long hard search, I’ve found someone who I know can help…

Justine Pollard is the woman behind the company Smart Trading. She is a successful, professional stock and CFD trader that is extremely passionate about sharing her trading systems and strategies… After doing my full due diligence, I decided get Justine on the phone and recorded an interview for you. Click here to watch the video (or download the mp3) now: www.onlinetradingmastermind.com

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Your Trading Coach,
David Jenyns