An Interview With Gideon Shalwick

A few weeks back Gideon Shalwick (, a guy I met at Ed Dale’s homecoming seminar in early 2010, approached me about doing an interview on how I do SEO for my blogs. I was only too happy to help out and our short called turned into an hour long SEO marathon.

Here’s a few of the things we covered:

•    The nuts and bolts of onpage optimisation
•    How putting out excellent content will make SEO start happening naturally
•    The best way to do keyword research
•    Why WordPress blogs are outstanding for SEO
•    How to craft page titles for maximum conversion and SEO benefit
•    The difference between buying phrases vs browsing phrases
•    Why you should only optimise each page of your website for one keyword
•    The golden rule of optimising for usability first, SEO second
•    Offpage SEO factors that like creating quality backlinks

Anyway, if you’re keen to see how I do SEO for blogs, it’s probably easier if you just watch the full interview below:

A short bio: Gideon Shalwick is originally from South Africa. An engineer by trade, he moved into project management and business development for various hi-tech companies. He later became interested in online business and decided to emigrate to Australia in 2006. In two short years, he became an international author with books on entrepreneurship, lead generation and blogging. He has since refined his focus into online video marketing and now teaches others how to build leads through YouTube and blogs.

To sum it up, he’s a pretty sharp guy and I was flattered he searched me out – stay tuned to more great stuff from Gideon, he’s a rising star 🙂

Your SEO coach,

David Jenyns

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