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I’m sure you’d agree the web is a pretty anonymous place and, since I’m not Richard Branson, I thought I’d better introduce myself. My name’s David Jenyns and I live in Melbourne, Australia. In short, I’m a successful entrepreneur who approaches life and business in a unique way :)

That said, you and I both know there’s loads of people out there who talk the talk, and so sometimes it’s difficult to know who to listen to and who to avoid. So, rather than tell you how “great” I am, I thought I’d let some of my clients speak for themselves – watch them below…

Here’s a few extra audio interviews with some people I’ve worked with:

Jeff Gardner – here to download the MP3.
Piotr Dancewicz – here to download the MP3.
Jason Hart, Melbourne Ceremonies –
Click here to download the MP3.
Steve Russo, Sydney Tint Solutions –
Click here to download the MP3.
Dori Friend, SEO Nitro – www.seonitro.comClick Here To Download The MP3.
James Jackson, Out Of The Box Solutions – Here To Download The MP3.
Josh Bretag – www.joshuabretag.comClick Here To Download The MP3.

“Firstly David is just that rare person, a truly excellent teacher. It is clear that he not only knows what he is teaching but trusts it implicitly to work because he has tried and tested it hundreds of times.”

Click here to download the full PDF testimonial.

Sandy McDonald
Director – Chameleon IP Pty Ltd
PO Box 49 Ivanhoe VIC 3079 Australia

As you could imagine I’m pretty proud of the results I’m helping others achieve – it’s actually what drives me forward and reminds me I’m on the right track. So, how has your experience been when dealing with me or my team? I’d love to hear from you – please post your comment below (I might even like to interview you for my blog).

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